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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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2013 Sculpture Garden & Art Tour Malakoff, TX

Limited Edition Sculpture Gardens Book Reserve for $39.95

120 color pages of all the art and artists on the tour, with a history of the Bartlett House and pictures of the gardens' restoration.

2013 East Texas Artists and Sculpture Gardens Tour Book

2012 Sculpture Garden & Art Tour East Texas Book of Artis
2013 Sculpture Garden & Art Tour Malakoff, TX

Restoring Bartlett

2013 Sculpture Garden & Art Tour



EVENT: 2013 Sculpture Garden and Art Tour HOURS

Friday | April 26: Early Set-up 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday | April 27: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday | April 28: NOON – 4 p.m.

For more information, please see our website or email



The type of work acceptable and eligible is Fine Art and high quality Fine Craft.All work exhibited must be original art produced by the artist. One of a kind, multiples, series or limited editions (which must be signed and numbered by the artist) will be considered. The artist must have conceived the design and executed the finished product. Work exhibited must be consistent with submitted images. The Greater Malakoff Area Garden Club (GMAGC) reserves the right to request removal of any items which, in its sole judgment, do not conform to show guidelines. If entire inventory does not comply, the artist will be asked to leave with no refund.


Size: Tents, tables and chairs will be provided by the artist if the artist wishes to have a 10' x 10' space.  Double booth space is 10' x 20'.   This is an outdoor show, on grass and patio. No electricity will be provided to booths. GMAGC asks that artists use white top EZ-Up (or similar) tents for booth display during the festival. Booth sharing: If two or more artists work together in producing a single product, they must apply as a team and occupy one booth space.Contact the coordinators (Catherine and Michale Lenz) about space, if you wish to deviate from these standards.  Artists do not have to display to qualify for the book; however, any artist who does display will be in the book.

Security: Overnight security will be provided on Friday and Saturday but GMAGC cannot assume liability for damage, loss or theft of artist’s work .

Sales: All sales will be conducted by individual artist. Artists retain all revenue from sale of their work. Artists are required to collect and pay 8% sales tax on all items sold.


Please submit 5 digital images of your current, original work, one showing your booth display.  You may send a CD or email your images to Greater Malakoff Area Garden Club, P.O. Box 897, Malakoff, TX 75148. Label each with type of media and price. Send signed and completed application form, check for jury fee of $20, payable to Greater Malakoff Area Garden Club (GMAGC).

Your application is considered a commitment to exhibit in the 2013 Sculpture Gardens and Art Tour and permission to publish one of your photos in the book the GMAGC will be publishing for sale during the event and published on line after the event for the next year. (To see last year’s book, please go to: ). Last year’s edition is sold out.


    • Questions about the 2013 Sculpture Gardens and Art Tour in Malakoff?
    • Questions about a private tour of the James Surls' Sculpture Gardens:  A Tribute to Joe Surls?
    • Call Jo Ann Surls at 903-489-0897 or contact tour coordinators at

     Thank You for Supporting the Arts in East Texas and

    Restoration of the Bartlett House & Heritage Gardens!